The hair is straightened. The make up is done, and we’re finalizing the wardrobe choice.

I love when the clients bring several outfits as each one will tell a different story and reveal a unique personality trait.

Stunning, in a beautiful floral print dress, Alex looks strong yet feminine. She is  ready to rock her glam shoot!  As the days are getting shorter and the night temperatures start to dip, we chat about the summer warmth, books, and motivation.

What do you like the most about summer?

Early mornings that are warm and bright, but still so quiet; that feeling like the rest of the world is still sleeping.

What’s your favourite vacation story?

Too many for just one.  Disneyland when I was eight still totally was amazing…I was tall enough for most of the rides! The motel we stayed at had topiary animals around the pool, I thought they were the coolest! I came home with mouse ears!!You’re currently reading … The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck.

Your desert island must have is …  a palm tree, at least one maybe a volleyball to converse with.What quotation or saying inspires and motivates you to be yourself and do what you love?

“Never be a prisoner of your past, it was just a lesson not a life sentence.” A reminder that it’s the journey not the destination that matters and those life lessons build the person I am today.

In moments of self-doubt or adversity, how do you build yourself up?

Small pieces, I break my time or the task or challenge into little pieces and work through them. One done and then the next, trying not to look at the whole, but manage the pieces.

What’s your favourite thing to come home to after a long day of work?

My dog Sofia, she is the best!

Thank you for letting me capture your gorgeous smile, Alexandra!

Shoot Credits:

Make Up: Jessica Sosnowski (@jesssosnow)

Hair: Carla (@carla_fetish_hair); Robert Gautreau (@hairbyrobere)

Manicurist: Talon Nail Bar (@talonnailbaryyc)

Love Yourself Challenge Hostess: Debora Sousa (@debysousa)



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