It’s a beautiful summer day with multiple shoots well underway. Lina has just finished up undergoing her glam transformation with our talented creative team.

She emerges wearing a beautiful pink dress and beaming with excitement.

Wow! Lady in Red please step aside, because Lady in Pink is just about to take your place!Absolutely gorgeous and look at that smile! She exudes confidence that I know will translate so well in the photos.

We go into the shoot. She’s still all smiles and I’m loving the way her portraits are turning out.

Lina is a personal training specialist, who is also certified in Reiki Levels 1 & 2 and is the CHNC (Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant) in the making.

With summer coming to an end, we’ve chatted about the season, vacations and aspirations.

What do you like the most about summer?

The sun! Being in the warmth and enjoying all the outdoor activities including hiking, running, bbq and camping.

What’s your favourite vacation story?

My favourite vacation story is when my closest girlfriends and I went to Cuba in 2008. We were young, enjoyed each others company and laughed all day long. We still look back at those pictures and giggle. Lots of memories and inside jokes were made.

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Your desert island must have is … Definitely country music!Name the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned in running a business.

Never give up. No matter the obstacle. Even if it pushes you back, keep going. Never quit on your dream or yourself.

What’s your personal or professional motto?

Move more. Eat well. Smile often.

Name a woman, past or present, whom you admire or look up to and why.

My Mom. She shows true strength every day and in everything she does. She has been a rock in the family and has taken on a lot with no complaints. She possesses admirable qualities and has done an amazing job raising my brothers and I.

Thank you for stepping in front of my camera, Lina!

Shoot Credits:

Make Up: Jessica Sosnowski (@jesssosnow)

Hair: Carla (@carla_fetish_hair); Robert Gautreau (@hairbyrobere)

Manicurist: Talon Nail Bar (@talonnailbaryyc)

Love Yourself Challenge Hostess: Debora Sousa (@debysousa)



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