Employee Headshots for Your Business’ Website

Feb 12, 2016 | Business, Portrait

I've had the privilege to capture Karli's headshot that is now prominently displayed on her employer's website. As a service provider that values long-term friendships and personal relationships with its clients, her company understands the power of headshots. After all, people buy from people that they know, like, and trust.Having a professional headshot on your website that reflects your company's culture and values is a great way to show your approachability and trigger a long term recognition for your prospective clients.One of the questions to keep in mind when booking your headshot session is:

Does my company have specific guidelines for headshots?

As a business photographer, I always check your company's page to ensure  your portrait is consistent with the visual story of your brand. I look for patterns, colour scheme, and the message the company is trying to relay.Some companies, like Karli's, have specific requirements for their staff headshots. These range from the posing of the shots to the colour of the background to lighting.In case your company has no guidelines, consider being a little creative and explore the possibility of an editorial style image that shows you in your native working environment or perhaps in the urban landscape.Regardless of guidelines, I photograph you from different angles and in a variety of poses, so you always have a choice for presenting yourself the way you want on LinkedIn or other social media platforms.Thank you Karli for choosing Toi Et Moi Photography as your Calgary headshot photographer!


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