Beauty starts on the inside by eating smart, staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep and moving your body. Unfortunately sometimes one or more of these ingredients are missing from our daily lifestyles and that’s when the makeup really comes in handy.

While I’ll always recommend getting your makeup done by a professional for your photo session, here are some tips for doing it on your own.

1. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and prime your face.

It’s important to start with a fresh, clean, moisturized face. To help even out the skin and ensure that you foundation doesn’t slide off throughout the day, apply a good quality primer.

2. Apply your makeup in natural light.

Indoor lighting can alter the appearance of your makeup. To get the best idea of what it really looks like, apply the makeup sitting by the window or in a room with a lot of natural light.

3. Match foundation to your skin tone and then blend, blend, blend.

To look natural both in real life and on photos, your foundation has to be an exact match to your skin tone. Try to avoid foundations with SPF in them as they can make you look washed out on a photo. Instead, choose a foundation that is HD.

Also, mind your neck when applying the product. The difference in colour is much more noticeable in photos.

4. Fill in your brows and set them in place.

Brows bring out your bone structure in photos. And when they look polished, your eyes and face look more complete.

Romantic Portrait with a braid and tulle, and Makeup tips

5. Use eye drops to get rid of any red lines in your eyes.

To make yourself look extra bright and awake, add a little bit of white shadow on the inside corners of both eyes.

6. Go with matte colours on your eyes and face.

Sparkles reflect light and tend to settle into fine lines accentuating them. Also, reach for the deep, rich shadows as makeup usually photographs two shades lighter.

7. Line the upper lash line with black eyeliner. It’s the secret to gorgeous, sexy eyes.

To define your eyes even more, upgrade to liquid liner and trace a thin line extra-close to your lashes to avoid the gaps.

8. Dress up your eyelashes with black mascara and a few falsies for the most impact.

When it comes to photos, black looks good on everyone. It creates a better contrast, which will make your eyes pop even more. For an extra glamour look, apply some false lashes either full or a few on the outer corners.

Beautiful Style Portrait and Makeup Tips

9. Use bolder colours on your cheeks and lips.

Light colours look washed out on photos, so you can be a little more dramatic with your blush and lips, just remember to blend well. If you want to make your lips to appear fuller, add a bit of lip gloss.

10. Line and fill in lips with lip liner before applying colour.

It’ll make your lipstick or gloss longer lasting.

11. Set your makeup with loose, matte powder or bring the oil blotting sheets. 

Nobody likes a shiny face in their photos! To combat it, apply a loose, matte powder over your makeup to set it, and carry oil-absorbing papers with you to soak up any excess oil throughout the day.

12. Relax, smile, and feel pretty because you are!

Do you have any other suggestions about how to look good in pictures? Share them with others in the comments section below.



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