I’m typing this as it continues to heavily snow outside. It’s almost mid-November.By this time of the year, the white stuff is of no surprise to Calgarians (though it was back in early September after +24C the day before!).

Snuggled up with a hot cup of cocoa in a warm sweater, I finished editing a gorgeous fall session of a down-to-earth make up artist, Jenya. Our “date” was a blast as we filled the park with laughter running around like kids, climbing trees and rolling in leaves. We even tried to balance on the rocks doing a yogi dancer pose in the river and dipping into the water instead. So why does fall bring so much joy?

Here is my list of seven things I love about fall:

1. BIRTHDAYS. Both Jenya and I are fall babes, and so is my wonderful husband and many great friends of ours. This means there is a lot of sweetness and cheer to go around, and who would say no to that?

2. BLANKET OF COLOUR. Hues of yellow, red and green create such a stunning carpet of colour. It’s a perfect time to head to the mountains and go for a hike or perhaps go for a romantic stroll through the city parks.

A girl covered by leaves

Young beautiful woman seen through the leaves

Young beautiful smiling nostalgic woman leaning against the tree

3. APPLE PICKING. Ahh, it’s such a delight to bite into a freshly picked apple, to bake an apple crisp or make some apple sauce to go with your morning crêpes.

4. PUMPKIN. I was planning to make it for a while and this year I finally did it. By it, I mean the pumpkin pie. From scratch and gluten free. That’s right. It was heavenly and now I’m picky about my pumpkin pies 🙂

Beautiful pose by a young woman in the colourful leaves

A beautiful young woman against the red leaves on the riverbank in Calgary

Red leaves in autumn

5. JUMPING IN LEAFS. Seriously, it’s the best cardio (jumping) and abs (laughter) workout in a crisp fall air.

6. THANKSGIVING. It brings families and friends together as everyone gathers around the festive table and gives their thanks. While this an official day to do it, being grateful is an every day thing.

7. HALLOWEEN. Carving out pumpkins, coming up with a costume, dressing up, decorating the house, trying out new spooky recipes, giving out candies to kids… This holiday gets your creative juices flowing.

What do you love about fall? Let me know in the comment section below.

A young woman in a beret leaning on the fence in Calgary

A young woman in a beret leaning against the bridge's railing in Calgary

Young woman walking through a city park

Young woman on the bridge in downtown Calgary

Young woman jumping with joy in the fall afternoon

Behind the scenes of the fall photo session

Mille bisous!


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